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Metalen Lamp door : Robbin Sio, Afstudeerwerk Product Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam Februari 2016. (robbin-sio@hotmail.com / 06-39322629) De verschillende kleuren van het metaal zijn het gevolg van verschillende temperaturen van verhitting van het metaal. Photography : Menno Boer, Instructor Station Image & Sound, WdKA Rotterdam (m.k.boer@hr.nl / mennoboer@upcmail.nl)


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The Temp. project is about my obsession for the material metal, that started at the beginning of my
studies, intrigued by the strength, aesthetics, possibilities and the unknown. Researching the
unknown and searching for hidden beauty and potential in the world of metal is what this project is
about. In this theoretical and practical research, I came across a technique called “tempering”.

Tempering is a heat treatment technique. Which is used to decrease the hardness of metal in order
to make it tougher. During this process, various colours appear. The beauty, simplicity and the spark
of magic of these colours caught my interest immediately. Through research and experiments, I was
able to control and use them for colouring metal. Ranging in gold, brown, purple and blue.


IMG_9703       IMG_9913

IMG_9923       IMG_9890

IMG_9945       IMG_9980


The tempered metal can not be welded because the heat will affect the colours. Therefor a different
construction technique was necessary. Being inspired by the way some of my experiments bended from the
expanding of the metal due to the heat, I found a technique called shrink fitting. Shrink fitting is a construction
technique that relies on the way metal expands and shrinks with different temperatures, called thermal
expansion. By using liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -198°c the metal shrinks. Once shrunk, the metal can
be used to make a shrink fitment. When the metal warms up, it expands again and you end up with a strong
and clean joint.



The final product, the Temp. desk lamp and the four squares show the various possibilities of combining these
two techniques. (Feb 2016) Studio pictures by Menno De Boer.